About the Valley

"A wonderful valley where we’ve been going since childhood, and where we always keep returning!"

Dr Odett Halmosi Rokaj and Norbert Rokaj

"This sight speaks for itself."

Zsuzsa Balogh and Ferenc Banka

“One of Hungary’s most beautiful natural treasures.”

Attila Kenyeres

A valley for hiking

Szalajka Valley and its environment is a paradise for hikers and trekkers. The tranquillity of the Bükk Mountains forests around Szilvásvárad help visitors replenish their energy. The locals believe that the an inexplicable, humane spirit lingers in the Valley which anyone wandering in the area will become aware of.

Perhaps it is due to this spirit or the beauty of the nature that there is no loudness, no jostling in the Valley and even loud talk can be rarely heard. You can contribute to this family atmosphere by greeting fellow hikers when you meet.

Part of the financial support granted by the European Union is spent by the forestry company on the development of the natural environment in order to ensure that people visiting the area take home a great hiking experience. Of course the hikers can also contribute to preserving these experiences for everyone in the future. Respecting nature, not littering, is in the common interest of every visitor!