About the Valley

"A wonderful valley where we’ve been going since childhood, and where we always keep returning!"

Dr Odett Halmosi Rokaj and Norbert Rokaj

"This sight speaks for itself."

Zsuzsa Balogh and Ferenc Banka

“One of Hungary’s most beautiful natural treasures.”

Attila Kenyeres


The visitors will find a variety of accommodations, restaurants and eating places in and outside of Szilvásvárad, and in the woods around the town. Szilvásvárad is full of restaurants and bistros. Vegetarians will find their favourite places just as easily as those who would rather eat game or trout. 


The Villa Negra guesthouse, for example, is located in close vicinity of Szilvásvárad, down in the Szalajka Valley. It has nine double rooms, within a reach from the Veil Waterfall. The park features old pine trees and its proximity to nature provides undisturbed leisure for the guests of the forest guesthouse. The restaurant of the guesthouse offers a buffet breakfast, and the specialities of Szilvásvárad, including fish and game dishes.

The Forestry Apartment (Erdészeti Apartman) is on the road to the Szalajka Valley on the edge of Szilvásvárad. With just two rooms, this accommodation mainly suited for families or a group of friends. The house has outdoor cooking facilities in the closed garden.

The Csurgó Forester’s Lodge is situated 500 m from Bánkút. On the edge of Szilvásvárad, the house provides comfortable accommodation for 12 persons. It consists of two flats, one with two 4-bed rooms and the other with two double rooms. Both have a nicely renovated bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen.

The gingerbread house located in Hármaskút offers perfect accommodation for 4 persons. This forest lodge has a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom. The house is heated by a fireplace and has a television too. The house is situated on a tourist trail, near the National Blue Trail. 

The trout farmed in Szalajka Valley at Szilvásvárad appear on the menu of all prestigious restaurants. The fish of the trout farm operated by László Sáfrány can be tasted on the spot if you feel like eating smoked and roasted trout. The restaurant will also host private events in the picturesque valley of Szilvásvárad.

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