About the Valley

"A wonderful valley where we’ve been going since childhood, and where we always keep returning!"

Dr Odett Halmosi Rokaj and Norbert Rokaj

"This sight speaks for itself."

Zsuzsa Balogh and Ferenc Banka

“One of Hungary’s most beautiful natural treasures.”

Attila Kenyeres

Outside the Valley

In addition to the romantic Szalajka Valley, Szilvásvárad and its environment is also home to many other sights and museums. Szilvásvárad and its vicinity has the following attractions:

  • Round Temple,
  • Bükk Plateau,
  • Millennium Lookout,
  • Stud Farm and Carriage Museum,
  • Historical Waxworks,
  • Orbán House (village museum) and
  • Horse Museum.
Outside the Valley

The close vicinity of Szilvásvárad offers visitors numerous interesting sights. These can be approached quickly and easily from Szilvásvárad, even by bicycle:

  • Bélapátfalva Abbey
  • Szarvaskő Castle
  • ruins of Dédes Castle
  • Bélkő Hill 
  • ruins of Éleskővár Castle 
Many sights if the nearby town of Eger also await visitors:
  • Líceum
  • Cathedral
  • Archbishop’s Garden
  • Eger Castle
  • Minaret
  • Szépasszony Valley
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