About the Valley

"A wonderful valley where we’ve been going since childhood, and where we always keep returning!"

Dr Odett Halmosi Rokaj and Norbert Rokaj

"This sight speaks for itself."

Zsuzsa Balogh and Ferenc Banka

“One of Hungary’s most beautiful natural treasures.”

Attila Kenyeres


It is no accident, nor the attraction of the Veil Waterfall that has made Szilvásvárad and its surroundings one of the country’s most popular hiking destinations. In 1984 Prince Philip escaped from its bodyguards to explore the beauties of the area alone. 


Szalajka Valley offers the visitor seeking recreation:

  • clear and fresh air,
  • protected and preserved wild forest,
  • crystal-clear stream,
  • amazing waterfall, 
  • romantic forest railway and
  • songbirds.
The main sights in Szalajka Valley:
  • Szalajka stream
  • wild animal display
  • Zilahy Aladár Forestry Museum
  • trout farm
  • Rock Spring
  • open-air forest school
  • open-air Forest Museum
  • Veil Waterfall
  • Gloriette Glade
  • Nature trails
  • Szalajka Spring
  • Istállóskő Cave
In addition to these sights Szilvásvárad offers numerous other attractions and programmes.